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[a0d9e7] (2.6 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Quiet. Too quiet. Fix bug in pprinting backquotes, introduced
*sigh* when fixing the last bug...
... we need to print once to a string stream, to look at the
first character to make sure that it's not a @ or a .
... and then we need to print again, but this time to the real
stream (which is at a different logical block position)
... yes, possibly there is a better way.

Also put identity where mouth is: add self to SUPPORT

2003-12-16 17:40:39 View
[42bcf5] (2.3 kB) by Daniel Barlow Daniel Barlow
Fix finalization bug in sb-bsd-sockets contrib that was causing
strange SLIME errors

Add SUPPORT file with advice on mailing list etiquette and
suggestions for where to go if you need more help
(note for consultants: add yourself to this list)

2003-11-26 16:31:57 View