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Diff of /package-data-list.lisp-expr [e498af] .. [d9479b] Maximize Restore

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--- a/package-data-list.lisp-expr
+++ b/package-data-list.lisp-expr
@@ -55,7 +55,10 @@
-             "SAP-ALIEN" "SHORT" "SIGNED" "SLOT" "STRUCT"
+             "OFF-T"
+             "SAP-ALIEN" "SHORT" "SIGNED"
+             "SIZE-T"
+             "SLOT" "STRUCT"
@@ -2381,6 +2384,8 @@
 needed by the current implementation of SBCL, and makes
 no guarantees of interface stability."
       :use ("CL" "SB!ALIEN" "SB!EXT" "SB!INT" "SB!SYS")
+      :reexport ("OFF-T"
+                 "SIZE-T")
       :export ( ;; wrappers around Unix stuff to give just what Lisp needs
@@ -2398,7 +2403,7 @@
                "KBDCGET" "KBDCRESET"
-               "L_INCR" "L_SET" "L_XTND" "OFF-T" "O_APPEND" "O_CREAT" "O_EXCL"
+               "L_INCR" "L_SET" "L_XTND" "O_APPEND" "O_CREAT" "O_EXCL"
@@ -2409,7 +2414,7 @@
                "S-IFREG" "S-IFSOCK" "S-IREAD" "S-ISGID" "S-ISUID" "S-ISVTX"
                "ST-CTIME" "ST-DEV" "ST-GID" "ST-MODE" "ST-MTIME" "ST-NLINK"