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 cleanly in Unix pipelines. See also the @code{--noprint} and
 @code{--disable-debugger} options.
+@item --disable-ldb
+Disable the low-level debugger. Only effective if SBCL is compiled
+with LDB.
+@item --lose-on-corruption
+There are some dangerous low level errors (for instance, control stack
+exhausted, memory fault) that (or whose handlers) can corrupt the
+image. By default SBCL prints a warning, then tries to continue and
+handle the error in Lisp, but this will not always work and SBCL may
+malfunction or even hang. With this option, upon encountering such an
+error SBCL will invoke ldb (if present and enabled) or else exit.
 @item --script @var{filename}
 As a runtime option this is equivalent to @code{--noinform}
+@code{--disable-ldb} @code{--lose-on-corruption}
 @code{--end-runtime-options} @code{--script} @var{filename}. See the
 description of @code{--script} as a toplevel option below.