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Diff of /src/compiler/ir1tran.lisp [7631b1] .. [cabec2] Maximize Restore

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--- a/src/compiler/ir1tran.lisp
+++ b/src/compiler/ir1tran.lisp
@@ -746,7 +746,7 @@
   (declare (type continuation fun-cont cont) (list args))
   (let ((node (make-combination fun-cont)))
     (setf (continuation-dest fun-cont) node)
-    (setf (continuation-%externally-checkable-type fun-cont) nil)
+    (flush-continuation-externally-checkable-type fun-cont)
     (collect ((arg-conts))
       (let ((this-start fun-cont))
 	(dolist (arg args)
@@ -1490,7 +1490,7 @@
 	      (setf (lambda-tail-set lambda) tail-set)
 	      (setf (lambda-return lambda) return)
 	      (setf (continuation-dest result) return)
-              (setf (continuation-%externally-checkable-type result) nil)
+              (flush-continuation-externally-checkable-type result)
 	      (setf (block-last block) return)
 	      (link-node-to-previous-continuation return result)
 	      (use-continuation return dummy))