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[0975e0] (3.7 kB) by Alexey Dejneka Alexey Dejneka (updated to

* Small steps towards ANSI VALUES type specifier:
** removed checks for VALUES-TYPE-{KEYP,KEYWORDS};
** &OPTIONAL type in VALUES does not automatically allow NIL;
** object type <type> in a values context \approx (VALUES &OPTIONAL
<type> &REST T); DEFKNOWN uses the old meaning;

* added type checking for single value and MV-BIND receivers;
* THE coerces the asserted type to VALUES;
* fixed order of CAST LTN-annotating;

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[722703] (3.7 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman
small cleanups... should remove more stuff, notably *.orig files.
...DB README note suggestion from sbcl-devel 2002-04

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[0d669e] (3.4 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Merged support for SPARC/SunOS (aka Solaris)
... added relevant runtime and -os.lisp files;
... cleaned up sparc backend runtime, actually _using_ the
abstractions that were written for the SPARC/Linux
... added some #includes for compilation (nothing breaks on
Linux, but BSD has not yet been tested;
... removed some bash-/ksh-isms from build and test scripts;
... abstraced wait3() constants into grovel_headers and

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[34dd23] (3.4 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman

(I didn't have convenient access to the Internet for almost a week, so
these versions just piled up on my computer and then I checked 'em
into CVS all at once.)
made TRANSFORM-CALL provide more informative DEBUG-NAMEs
factored out COMBINATION-FUN-SOURCE-NAME and used it to
support this
tweaked comments
(hunted fruitlessly for bug 147 fix)
(hunted fruitlessly for bug 148 fix)
rewrote MAYBE-EXPAND to try to increase clarity
fixed part of the misbehavior in the bug 148 test case (but
not bug 148 itself, alas) by removing the assumption
that non-null FUNCTIONAL-KIND implies
still trying to fix bug 148...
...stopped MAYBE-REANALYZE-FUN from trying to reanalyze :DELETED
still trying to fix bug 148...
...IR2-CONVERT-CLOSURE shouldn't be called on :DELETED functionals!
...Given that the :DELETED functional is making it all the way
to the IR2-CONVERT-CLOSURE stage, maybe the failure
in MAYBE-REANALYZE-FUNCTIONAL that I made go away in was a good thing. Reinstate it, though more
clearly (as "shouldn't be reanalyzing :DELETED functional"
rather than a type error when trying to find the COMPONENT
of a LAMBDA) than before.
...stopped IR2-CONVERT-CLOSURE from trying to intensively
check CLAMBDA-to-COMPONENT relationship invariants
just on general principles
various puttering and tidying trying to understand bug 148
specifically and code deletion generally
Having walked through the bug 148 problem more carefully, I can
see that before KIDIFY1 is deleted, it's first LET
converted. Ergo, a :DELETED value is consistent with
LET conversion after all, so...
...relaxed the change in IR1-CONVERT-LOCAL-COMBINATION
made in, so that now :DELETED is assumed
to be due to LET conversion after all
made :ENCAPSULATE T the default for TRACE, since the
breakpoint-based version still doesn't work reliably
and since the ANSI description of TRACE is partial to
tracing named things anyway

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[d3df7e] (3.4 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman

merged MNA fd-stream.lisp patch (sbcl-devel 2001-09-10)
merged AD EXPAND-DEFGENERIC patch (sbcl-devel 2001-09-10)
merged AD DIRECTORY patch (sbcl-devel 2001-09-22)
swapped FunctionPointer and InstancePointer type codes for PPC
convenience (as per dan sbcl-devel 2001-09-22)
incremented fasl file version number again
tweaked so it will delete CVS update crud

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[959057] (3.3 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman

merged MNA EVAL-WHEN patch from sbcl-devel 2001-08-31 (doing
nothing at toplevel unless :EXECUTE)
rewrote the logic in the rest of the same EVAL-WHEN clause (not
trying to change its behavior, just to express it more
The implementation of EVAL doesn't actually belong IN-PACKAGE
SB!BYTECODE. Put it in SB!IMPL instead.
deleted duplicate definition of SB-KERNEL:*EVAL-STACK-TOP*
moved definition of IGNORE-ERRORS src/code/macros (as
DEFMACRO-MUNDANELY at build-the-cross-compiler time) so
it can be used in target code in src/code/extensions
(although that turns out not to help, since it expands
into HANDLER-CASE, which wants to be defined later..)
added src/code/late-extensions.lisp to hold things like
LIST-WITH-LENGTH-P which want to have some of the
Lisp system set up before they're defined
renamed src/code/extensions.lisp to
src/code/early-extensions.lisp (since now there's
a corresponding late-extensions.lisp again)
moved POSITIVE-PRIMEP to src/code/late-extensions.lisp,
deleted src/code/numbers.lisp
limited POSITIVE-PRIMEP to FIXNUM and moved it to SB!INT
merged MNA "eval-when problems -- fix" patch from sbcl-devel
2001-09-01 (IR1-converting EVAL-WHEN (with no forms)
even in "the forms in the body are ignored" case,
instead of just skipping IR1 conversion completely
and leaving START and CONT dangling in the wind)
since I'm doing related filename and stems-and-flags cleanup
..renamed src/code/early-target-error.lisp to
..renamed src/code/late-target-error.lisp to

2001-09-02 17:28:32 View
[c8322d] (3.3 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman
(As per Daniel Barlow sbcl-devel 2001-05-17, the removal of
the mysterious "" special case in UNIX-STAT will
probably keep this version from building itself,
so I didn't even try. It does, however, at least
do "sh" successfully.)
fixed declaration in %EXTRACT-STAT-RESULTS so that the
system won't have to interpret the alien reference
at runtime on every call to the function
I found how to fix the boot/gencgc/purify problem which was
leaving initial-function unmapped -- I could copy
current_region_free_pointer into
boxed_region.free_pointer just before
gc_alloc_update_page_pages() in save.c. However,
that left me with other flaky GC problems. So I gave
up my GC hacking in this version as a bad job, and
copied original GC-related files over
the modified versions: gencgc.c, save.c, purify.c,
gc.lisp, save.lisp
made %EXTRACT-STAT-RESULTS inline to suppress an apparent
memory corruption bug

2001-05-18 13:22:50 View
[d7f613] (3.0 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman
(This system state is seriously screwed up. It did build,
both on Linux and on OpenBSD, but signalled an
error after writing out sbcl.core on OpenBSD, and
although it runs a little both on Linux and on
OpenBSD, it hangs in the regression tests. It
also has some temporary hacks marked REMOVEME,
including one which suppresses PURIFY when
building the system (!).)
made the system build on OpenBSD again..
..stubbed stuff out as a quick fix to the problem of FFI to
64-bit stat.st_size
tried to make the system run on OpenBSD again..
..initialized current_dynamic_space, since it's now used
..added new assertions about GENCGC alloc_region stuff being
reset when it should be
renamed Lisp-level struct stat stuff to struct wrapped_stat
tried to tidy up Lisp-level stat stuff; removed mysterious
(STRING= NAME "") behavior from UNIX-STAT
added to help in low-level compile-and-try cycle
pulled alloc_region-is-reset logic out into separate
functions, and added more assertions on it (hunting
for a bug which broke the old assertions)
renamed gc_alloc_large to gc_alloc_possibly_large, and
gc_quick_alloc_large_unboxed to
enabled various GC checks, e.g. gencgc_zero_check=1
deleted unused (and bizarre..) gencgc_verify_zero_fill()
turned off PURIFY in order to get the system to build, since
PURIFY seems to be misbehaving (leaving INIT-FUNCTION
above the cutoff address..)

2001-05-15 14:08:31 View
[dfa55a] (2.4 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman
NOTE: This is a slightly screwed-up checkin, which won't
quite build as is, because the checked-in changes from
the Alpha port expect various src/code/*types.lisp
files (e.g. src/code/x86-linux-types.lisp) which
Daniel Barlow created by hand once and for all. Those
are in my working directory but I didn't check them in
because almost immediately, probably, I
expect to rearrange things so that the build
process generates a types file on every run of So since CVS add/delete is a little mixed up,
I thought I'd just skip it, even though it means that
this version isn't quite buildable unless you grab
those files from DB's patch.
merged Daniel Barlow's port to the Alpha CPU sbcl-devel
moved CIRCULAR-LIST-P to early-extensions.lisp (since it
logically belongs there, and DB's new definition,
unlike the old one, doesn't have a physical dependence
on IGNORE-ERRORS which prevents it from being there)
merged boot-extensions.lisp, early-extensions.lisp, and
late-extensions.lisp, since there's no longer any
distinction between the files
deleted CVS files from sbcl-alpha-extra-files.tar, since
they were probably an oversight, I think
also src/compiler/alpha/z050.pdf:-|
The patch change
- (/hexstr arguments)
+ #!+sb-show (/hexstr arguments)
shouldn't be necessary because /SHOW, like all the
/FOO macros, is already conditional on SB-SHOW. So I
undid this change (and added some comments in
src/code/show.lisp explaining the intended behavior
of /FOO macros).
merged stat_wrapper.c into the relatively new, related
wrap.c file; deleted stat_wrapper.h since stat wrappers
seem never intended to be used by C code anyway
renamed build-tools/ to tools-for-build/ in the interest of
unambiguous (even painfully unambiguous)
globally-visible names
tweaked tests/alien.impure.lisp so that the test uses a
non-GENCGC-dependent variable (instead of having to
have the test conditional on #+GENCGC).

2001-05-07 20:16:21 View
[4fc9d2] (2.4 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman
fixed problems reported by Douglas Brebner 2000-01-01.. and friends now use foo/bar instead of foo/bar/ to
specify directories, since foo/bar/ fails on NetBSD.
(SETF ALIEN:EXTERN-ALIEN) works (instead of dying with
undefined function SB-KERNEL:%SET-SAP-REF-32).

2001-02-08 15:08:37 View
[a530bb] (2.4 kB) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman

Initial revision

2000-09-18 01:26:16 View