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Diff of /src/code/print.lisp [edbf1a] .. [a8c066] Maximize Restore

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--- a/src/code/print.lisp
+++ b/src/code/print.lisp
@@ -1851,9 +1851,7 @@
 (defun output-fun (object stream)
-  (let* ((*print-length* 4)  ; in case we have to..
-         (*print-level* 3)  ; ..print an interpreted function definition
-         (name (%fun-name object))
+  (let* ((name (%fun-name object))
          (proper-name-p (and (legal-fun-name-p name) (fboundp name)
                              (eq (fdefinition name) object))))
     (print-unreadable-object (object stream :identity (not proper-name-p))