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Commit [a12945] Maximize Restore History

Fix equality between #p"~" and (user-homedir-pathname) on Win32.

Don't use user-homedir-namestring on the windows version of
native-namestring, since the home directory can be specified as
C:/User/user, use (native-namestring (user-homedir-pathname)), which
will get C:\\User\\user\\ instead, making (native-namestring "~/") and
(native-namestring (user-homedir-pathname)) equal.

Stas Boukarev Stas Boukarev 2013-11-06

changed src/code/win32-pathname.lisp
changed tests/pathnames.impure.lisp
src/code/win32-pathname.lisp Diff Switch to side-by-side view
tests/pathnames.impure.lisp Diff Switch to side-by-side view