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sbcl Log

Commit Date  
[6584a2] by Nikodemus Siivola Nikodemus Siivola whitespace
* Undo whitespace damage from Window commits.

2006-10-28 09:57:00 Tree
[050216] by Andreas Fuchs Andreas Fuchs Remove unused (probably wrong) definition of malloc from sb-bsd-sockets

2006-10-27 21:44:42 Tree
[5f711c] by Nikodemus Siivola Nikodemus Siivola Win32 get_timezone robustness
* Windows localtime & gmtime functions don't like negative times.

2006-10-26 16:17:15 Tree
[fb8e5d] by Nikodemus Siivola Nikodemus Siivola Pathname Love on Win32
* Namestring simplification (was UNIX-SIMPLIFY-PATHNAME) is now
function of the host. Shamelessly cargo-culted Win32 version from
the Unix version.
* Fix UNPARSE-NATIVE-WIN32-NAMESTRING to handle #P"X:\\FOO" case
correctly. ("X:\\FOO", not "X:\\\\FOO")
* Missing NEWS entry for
* Correct order of arguments to MERGE-PATHNAMES in SYSINIT-PATHNAME.
* Couple of WITH-TEST additions to test-suite.

2006-10-26 16:07:52 Tree
[dafb04] by Nikodemus Siivola Nikodemus Siivola LET* and VALUES declaration
* Wrong arguments to PROCESSING-DECLARATIONS in the LET*
* Test-case.

2006-10-26 11:37:56 Tree
[58bbdb] by Nikodemus Siivola Nikodemus Siivola Win32 RUN-PROGRAM :WAIT T tweak
* Only -1 as result means the spawn failed: other negative
return values are error codes.

2006-10-26 10:29:47 Tree
[2b90fd] by Nikodemus Siivola Nikodemus Siivola Win32 get-internal-real-time improved
* The old version was accurate only to the second, new one gets
milliseconds right.
* Move unix/win32 implementation bodies of GET-INTERNAL-*-TIME to
unix.lisp and win32.lisp (less conditionalization).
* Move *GC-RUN-TIME* zeroing to GC-REINIT.
* Initialize the system epoch to start time, not to time of first
call to GET-INTERNAL-REAL-TIME, document system epoch in
* Sort the stub function calls in src/runtime/win32.c nicely.

2006-10-26 08:38:49 Tree
[ebee27] by Brian Downing Brian Downing Support DISASSEMBLE for interpreted functions.
* Support DISASSEMBLE for interpreted functions, by compiling (but
not installing) the function beforehand.
* Add tests to interface.impure.lisp for the above.

2006-10-26 04:26:20 Tree
[8197ef] by Brian Downing Brian Downing Fix non-x86 builds.
* Make :precision :53-bit in *saved-floating-point-modes*
conditional upon #!+x86.

2006-10-26 03:55:20 Tree
[0395b7] by Brian Downing Brian Downing Canonicalize whitespace.

2006-10-26 03:22:21 Tree
[b43b6e] by Nikodemus Siivola Nikodemus Siivola Win32 exceptions
* Floating point exceptions.
* Stack exhaustion exception.
* Commentary (questionary?) on the Win32 exception magic.
* More groveling.

Alert: grovel-headers.c/defconstant uses now unsigned long, not long.
Works on Linux/x86, Win32, and Darwin/ppc. If breaks elsewhere then
define_signed_const and define_unsigned_const needed.

2006-10-25 17:07:53 Tree
[8c82cc] by Nikodemus Siivola Nikodemus Siivola Small floating point related tweaks
* Introduce FLOAT-COLD-INIT-OR-REINIT fixing a couple of
* Save floating point modes in core, and restore them on startup.
* Move SET/GET-FLOATING-POINT-MODES documentation from comments to

2006-10-25 16:24:43 Tree
[efb148] (sbcl_0_9_18) by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman

release, will be tagged as sbcl_0_9_18

2006-10-25 14:58:40 Tree
[f4820c] by Nikodemus Siivola Nikodemus Siivola fix windows build, MAKE-ALIEN compiler note muffled fully
* Win32 build needs MAKE-ALIEN much earlier then other platforms,
so restore MAKE-ALIEN to its old place in target-alieneval.lisp,
and muffle the %SAP-ALIEN note from there unconditionally.

2006-10-23 13:45:51 Tree
[597ec2] by Brian Downing Brian Downing
Problem reported by <baronsamdi@verizon.net>.

2006-10-21 07:23:13 Tree
[191055] by Nathan Froyd Nathan Froyd
Delete dead checked-cell-ref VOP in x86oid backends.

2006-10-19 02:06:12 Tree
[dcb73f] by Nikodemus Siivola Nikodemus Siivola silence %SAP-ALIEN compiler-note for MAKE-ALIEN in default policy
* Uses of MAKE-ALIEN are a common source of unavoidable notes about
unoptimized %SAP-ALIEN, which only serve to mask the ones the user
can do something about.

2006-10-18 13:59:21 Tree
[17c3ce] by William Harold Newman William Harold Newman
a bit of OAOOification in the way tests/run-tests.sh code
invokes SBCL, so that now it consistently ignores
.sbclrc again, so tests succeed even when .sbclrc
contains (BREAK)

2006-10-18 13:47:06 Tree
[b665ae] by Nikodemus Siivola Nikodemus Siivola SB-POSIX:CFSET*SPEED, SB-POSIX:CFGET*SPEED, and related constants
* Patch by Max-Gerd Retzlaff. cfsetspeed left out as non-portable,
cfgetispeed and cfgetospeed added.
* Tests -- which have not been properly run, and aren't run as part
of the SB-POSIX suite, since they require serial port access.

2006-10-18 11:42:26 Tree
[f957a5] by Nikodemus Siivola Nikodemus Siivola restore win32 and x86-darwin buildability
* trivial assembler directive fixes

2006-10-09 16:53:35 Tree
[5775bb] by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Scribble some notes on funcallable instances before I forget.

2006-10-09 14:56:43 Tree
[26bbfd] by Gabor Melis Gabor Melis async unwind for specials
* in UNBIND zero the symbol before the value
* in UNBIND-TO-HERE zero the value even if the symbol is zero

2006-10-06 11:44:20 Tree
[b31423] by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
One missing include directive which got through the net.

2006-10-06 11:24:47 Tree
[b9e94e] by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
... in a threaded world, we can't set the function and lexenv
of a funcallable instance separately, because some other
thread might inconveniently funcall the object 'twixt
the one and the other.
... instead, make the funcallable-instance-function a
fully-fledged slot, and give a funcallable-instance a
trampoline which knows how to call it.
... which means implementing this strategy for $n$
architectures. Tested on x86, x86-64, ppc, alpha and
sparc; completely untested on mips, and unimplemented
on hppa.

This removes some of the complexity in calling closures (the
closure-self slot is now redundant, as is the extra
indirection). Other miscellaneous fixes:
* extract-fun-type worked only by accident;
* new magic :init :funcallable-instance-tramp for primitive
* verify_space() need no longer worry its little brain about
undefined_tramp and closure_tramp (I think)
* test case for threaded funcallable-instance interaction.

2006-10-06 10:54:09 Tree
[1a3143] by Juho Snellman Juho Snellman
Implementation of STEP-OUT was completely bogus.

* Only do the *STEP-OUT* binding / handling only around the STEP-INTO
branch in the step-around wrapper, not around the STEP-NEXT /
CONTINUE / OUT branch.
* Detect attempts to STEP-OUT when there is no matching STEP-IN
also in STEP-FORM, not just in the debugger repl
* Test

2006-10-02 14:43:16 Tree
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