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Commit [4e459f] Maximize Restore History

code/late-type: Replace array type unity logic with sane version.

* Discovered based on a bug report by jasom in #lisp, with
diagnosis by pkhuong, input as to what the right thing is from
Krystof, and patch review by both.

* Define a bunch of test cases for various cases that should (or
shouldn't) produce a specific simple array type (rather than a
full union-type).

* Completely gut and rebuild the unity logic, factoring it out
into multiple functions each responsible for a single part of the
array type, and a function to determine if unity makes sense.

Alastair Bridgewater Alastair Bridgewater 2014-04-10

changed src/code/late-type.lisp
changed tests/type.impure.lisp
changed NEWS
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