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--- a/src/code/pathname.lisp
+++ b/src/code/pathname.lisp
@@ -48,11 +48,9 @@
   (print-unreadable-object (logical-host stream :type t)
     (prin1 (logical-host-name logical-host) stream)))
-;;; What would it mean to dump a logical host and reload it into
-;;; another Lisp image? It's not clear, so we don't support it.
 (defun make-logical-host-load-form-fun (logical-host)
-  (error "~@<A logical host can't be dumped as a constant: ~2I~_~S~:>"
-         logical-host))
+  (values `(find-logical-host ',(logical-host-name logical-host))
+	  nil))
 ;;; A PATTERN is a list of entries and wildcards used for pattern
 ;;; matches of translations.