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More unboxed-byte-addresses-are-word-addresses damage.

* In the binding stack tests, the binding stack pointer is altered
by adding two to SB-VM::*BINDING-STACK-POINTER*. This "works" when
n-fixnum-tag-bits is equal to word-shift, but is badly wrong when
they differ.

* Fixed by adding a variable to hold the actual delta required,
based on the difference between n-fixnum-tag-bits and word-shift.

* Incidentally, how on earth does this test work on threaded PPC?
PPC has the BSP in a register, not a variable, and there are no
memory barriers around the synchronization for GCs. How does the
(incf sb-vm::*binding-stack-pointer*) not die from an unbound
symbol? And, really, it looks like it doesn't matter if a thread
dies or lands in the debugger: If the process doesn't die screaming,
the test always passes, even if it only does a single GC.

* And, while we're on the topic, how on earth does this test work
on x86? The memory-barrier argument should apply there as well.
Wait, I know! The CPU still gets timer interrupts, and the kernel
effectively provides a barrier then. And the "it doesn't matter"
argument also applies here: If it doesn't deadlock the system
completely, the main thread will kill everything off and call it a
success after four seconds anyway.

Alastair Bridgewater Alastair Bridgewater 2011-10-09

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