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[25c176] (1.7 kB) by Francois-Rene Rideau Francois-Rene Rideau , pushed by Juho Snellman Juho Snellman

Deliver each contrib as a single FASL. Don't implicitly require ASDF or source code at runtime.

Also, move contrib output to obj/sbcl-home/, asdf cache to obj/asdf-cache/
Update sb-grovel and other contribs and their tests for asdf3.

Fixes lp#1132254.

2013-10-17 01:10:58 View
[d6db46] (2.1 kB) by Cyrus Harmon Cyrus Harmon more asdf logical pathname cleanup

* use #p"..." for logical pathnames instead of 1) just "" or
#.(logical-pathname "...")

2010-06-23 03:12:35 View
[bf25f9] (2.1 kB) by Richard M Kreuter Richard M Kreuter Canonicalize whitespace in .asd files.

2008-11-24 15:56:11 View
[1bc83d] (2.0 kB) by Juho Snellman Juho Snellman fix building contribs from a clean checkout (oops)

2007-06-18 17:52:16 View
[c3fa52] (2.0 kB) by Juho Snellman Juho Snellman make asdf-based contribs more friendly to :FORCE T

* Do the groveling part of sb-grovel only at contrib build time.
If the contrib is later recompiled, reuse the results from that
* Doesn't solve the asdf-binary-locations problems related to
groveling, but it looks as if asdf-binary-locations is already
automatically adding SBCL_HOME into it's exceptions list.

2007-06-18 16:11:08 View
[10cdee] (1.9 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Move the stub definitions for contrib-type stuff into the
main runtime
... and don't build unix-dsos in contribs any more;
... should make binary distribution easier.

2006-03-07 12:04:24 View
[a87a86] (4.4 kB) by Andreas Fuchs Andreas Fuchs
make sb-posix's asd file load sb-grovel with asdf

This change should make it possible to run tests even
if sb-grovel is not in $SBCL_HOME.

2006-01-14 20:01:07 View
[14a1a0] (4.3 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
SB-POSIX enhancements
... fork, wait and waitpid from Thomas Burdick (sbcl-devel
... C wrappers for waitpid macros
... chroot from Istvan Marko (sbcl-devel 2004-06-07)

2004-08-04 10:54:17 View
[192731] (4.3 kB) by Andreas Fuchs Andreas Fuchs
Deprecate LOAD-FOREIGN and LOAD-1-FOREIGN for good.

Couldn't think of a witty tagline for that change, sorry.

* Add LOAD-SHARED-OBJECT as a LOAD-1-FOREIGN replacement
* Fix the test cases to use LOAD-SHARED-OBJECT
* Fix the manual
* Grovel dlopen constants via grovel-headers.c
* In the process, delete quite a number of TODO:s and FIXME:s

2004-07-19 20:13:22 View
[995017] (4.3 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Ouch. That was hard work.
... contrib fix primarily for SunOS but also I think for Darwin;
at least, if it was working it was only by accident.
... uname -m never returns either "solaris" or "darwin", so that
code was wrong to start with;
... change the protocol so that we do EXTRA_CFLAGS rather than
a complete override; now we don't need the solaris or
darwin clauses in that weren't being used
... delete more stuff in so that we can
actually see the effect of these changes rather than
blindly reusing an old (which explains why I
hadn't noticed this before, *sigh*; I ran a completely
clean build on Solaris for the first time in months
... now sb-bsd-sockets and dependents work again. I hope I haven't
broken x86-64 in the process.

2003-11-29 20:41:47 View
[cbcef9] (4.2 kB) by Andreas Fuchs Andreas Fuchs
Fix up the fix for FreeBSD and sb-posix:
* revert the checks for sb-posix::eisdir to the saner
sb-posix::eexists and sb-posix::ebusy.
* instead, don't fail when any ".ERROR" tests fail, but warn.

2003-11-28 23:07:26 View
[6ffb09] (3.5 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Record filesystem information during the build in debug information
relative to SYS, not to /home/kevin/sbcl or equivalent.
... change to core code: tiny if ugly;
... change to warm load: only to refer to files as lpns rather
than physical namestrings;
... change to vanilla-modules: tiny;
... change to asdf modules: well, erm, less tiny. I'm not pleased
by the need to duplicate similar logic in every .asd, but
I think it's a similar symptom to the duplication of the
TEST-OP logic in many of them: the coupling between asdf
and the rest of the system is slightly wrong.

(At startup, SYS by default has translations that refer back to
the build-time values; distributors may wish to alter this for
their binaries, for instance by setting translations to
distribution-known values when dumping any final image)

2003-11-08 15:04:45 View
[126e0a] (3.4 kB) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
More SB-POSIX stuff
... merge patch from Zach Beane (sbcl-devel 2003-10-28) to wrap
the stat S_ISFOO macros into callable functions
... merge patch CSR sbcl-devel to detect presence of various
symbols at compile-time for conditional function
... slight frobs to make these two coexist: "interface" must
depend on "alien", and these calls are NEVER-FAILS
... tests from Xach via #lisp IRC
... as yet unresolved: duplication of UNIX-DSO stuff
Summarize contrib successes at the end of
... hope no-one's trisdekaphobic :-)

2003-10-29 19:14:59 View
[951105] (993 Bytes) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Large increase in entropy, only mitigated by the fact that we
cover more of POSIX and I've added a test suite...
... make SB-GROVEL accessors not cons quite so much while
looking for the address of the thing they're referencing
... add whole bundle of new functions in SB-POSIX...
... which necessitates SAP-REF-64 and friends, which probably
work everywhere except MIPS
... declaim *GC-INHIBIT* as a fixnum, because if more than 2^29
threads are inhibiting gc we probably have more problems
... beginnings of a test suite for SB-POSIX, which incidentally
shows up various problems with using it (see FIXME
comments dotted around)
... please feel free to fix any and all of the issues marked;
I'm by no means claiming ownership of this :-)

2003-10-25 21:34:35 View
[1f7401] (665 Bytes) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
Mostly contrib frobs
... merge sb-grovel string handling (Andreas Fuchs sbcl-devel
... hack at sb-posix designator concept until it doesn't blow
up when given list types;
... implement opendir/readdir/closedir in sb-posix
[not yet properly: everything is done with (* T) rather
than (* DIR) and (* DIRENT), but the interface is fine]
... add a FINISH-OUTPUT to sb-rt, so that the failing tests are
printed before the backtrace, not during;
... print ALIEN-VALUEs' alien type in PRINT-OBJECT

2003-08-19 13:04:39 View
[f5f4dc] (665 Bytes) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes
A couple of contrib fixes
... adjust the dependencies in sb-posix (patch from Rudi
Schlatte sbcl-devel 2003-06-02)
... gray-streams stream-foo-sequence take their arguments in
the other order (David Lichteblau 2003-06-01)

2003-06-02 15:55:48 View
[9f8b25] (652 Bytes) by Christophe Rhodes Christophe Rhodes

Slight change to REQUIRE/PROVIDE protocol
... as observed by Tony Martinez sbcl-devel 2003-05-13, REQUIRE
takes a string designator, so allow this
... update to latest ASDF, which changes the asdf hook slightly
such that individual modules are required (ha!) to
PROVIDE themselves; make it so.

2003-05-19 14:47:14 View
[84500b] (561 Bytes) by Daniel Barlow Daniel Barlow

Experimental first cut of SB-POSIX interface added. See

2003-04-13 21:03:02 View