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--- a/doc/sbcl-html.dsl
+++ b/doc/sbcl-html.dsl
@@ -19,18 +19,9 @@
 software is in the public domain and is provided with absolutely no
 warranty. See the COPYING and CREDITS files for more information.
-KLUDGE: The ENTITY docbook.dsl command is hardwired to the appropriate
-location for my OpenBSD 2.9 system. There's got to be a more flexible
-way to do it, but I'm not enough of an SGML guru to begin to guess
-what it would be. (WHN 2001-10-15)
- [<!ENTITY docbook.dsl
-           SYSTEM
-	   "/usr/local/share/sgml/docbook/dsssl/modular/html/docbook.dsl"
-	   CDATA
-	   dsssl>]>
+ [<!ENTITY docbook.dsl PUBLIC "-//Norman Walsh//DOCUMENT DocBook HTML Stylesheet//EN" CDATA dsssl>]>
 <style-specification id="html" use="docbook">