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Fix fixnum and unsigned-fixnum array cleanups.

* dd04bd449535e9016b5652a708a3cac2ca24c87d removes the specialized
array types with specific fixnum widths in favor of more generic
fixnum and unsigned-fixnum array types.

* In SYS:SRC;CODE;ROOM.LISP, a mistake was made in converting over
to the newer representations, involving an alist of type tag names
to a constant related to the size of array elements. The mistake
was even made inconsistently, so that neither 32-bit nor 64-bit
targets behaved correctly.

* Fixed, to use sb!vm:word-shift instead of literal constants.

* Original report and bisection by akovalenko on #sbcl.

Alastair Bridgewater Alastair Bridgewater 2011-10-24

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changed src/code/room.lisp
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