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--- a/sbcl-page.asd
+++ b/sbcl-page.asd
@@ -1,8 +1,7 @@
 ;;;; Silly emacs, this is -*- Lisp -*-
-(in-package :cl-user)
-(defpackage :sbcl-page-system (:use :common-lisp :asdf))
-(in-package :sbcl-page-system)
+(cl:defpackage :sbcl-page-system (:use :common-lisp :asdf))
+(cl:in-package :sbcl-page-system)
 (defclass news-file (source-file)
@@ -20,7 +19,7 @@
 (defmethod perform ((o compile-op) (f news-file))
-  (funcall (intern "CONVERT-NEWS" :cl-user)))
+  (funcall (intern "CONVERT-NEWS" :sbcl-page) (component-pathname f)))
 (defmethod perform ((o load-op) (f news-file))
   (mapcar #'load (asdf::input-files o f)))
@@ -37,8 +36,9 @@
     :licence "MIT"
     :description "New web page for the SBCL project"
-    (:cl-ppcre :s-xml)
-    :components ((:file "generate-page")
+    (:cl-ppcre)
+    :components ((:file "xml-mixed-mode")
+                 (:file "generate-page" :depends-on ("xml-mixed-mode"))
                  (:file "index-page"
                         :depends-on ("generate-page"))
                  (:file "news-page"