SBCL 1.0.51 has been released, with the following changes:

changes in sbcl-1.0.51 relative to sbcl-1.0.50:
  * minor incompatible change: SB-BSD-SOCKET socket streams no longer
    participate in SERVE-EVENT by default: pass :SERVE-EVENTS T to
  * enhancement: added support for socket keepalive timeout intervals
    and probe counts on Linux.
  * enhancement: building 32-bit SBCL on Linux/x86-64 now works without a
    chroot. (Use "SBCL_ARCH=x86 sh" to build.)
  * enhancement: added new toplevel options --quit and --non-interactive
  * enhancement: the Windows port of SBCL now builds and runs on Wine
    (thanks to Anton Kovalenko).
  * enhancement: more, and more correct, SSE instruction definitions on
    x86-64 (thanks to Alexander Gavrilov).
  * enhancement: SB-EXT:SPIN-LOOP-HINT assembles to an instruction designed
    to help the processor execute spin loops, when applicable.  Currently
    implemented for x86 and x86-64.
  * optimization: unsigned integer divisions by a constant are implemented
    using multiplication (affects CEILING, FLOOR, TRUNCATE, MOD, and REM.)
  * optimization: improved type-derivation for LOAD-TIME-VALUE.
  * bug fix: correct RIP offset calculation in SSE comparison and shuffle
    instructions. (lp#814688)
  * bug fix: COERCE to unfinalized extended sequence classes now works.
    (reported by Jan Moringen; lp#815155)
  * bug fix: a compiler error during typecheck generation, reported by Eric
    Marsden. (lp#816564)
  * bug fix: obsolete instance protocol fires when shared slots are added
    or removed.
  * bug fix: fixed-format floating point printing with scaling factors.
  * bug fix: using GCC >= 4.6 to build SBCL on x86 no longer breaks
    backtraces. (lp#818460)
  * bug fix: better backtraces for interrupted syscall frames on x86.
  * bug fix: SSE comparison instructions can be disassembled even when one
    operand is in memory. (lp#814702)
  * bug fix: incomplete writes when not using SERVE-EVENTS. (lp#820599)
  * bug fix: MULTIPLE-VALUE-BIND + VALUES -> LET conversion could lose derived
    type information associated with the VALUES form.
  * bug fix: broken warnings/errors for type-errors involving LOAD-TIME-VALUE
    forms. (lp#823014)
  * bug fix: OPEN :IF-EXISTS :APPEND now returns correct FILE-POSITION before
    first write (lp#561642).
  * bug fix: compiled closures from EVAL could not be DESCRIBEd. (lp#824974)
  * bug fix: bound propagation involving conversion of large bignums to
    floats no longer signals a SIMPLE-TYPE-ERROR, reported by Lutz Euler.
  * bug fix: &REST to &MORE conversion still works in unsafe call to known
    functions; reported by Lutz Euler (lp#826459).
  * bug fix: bogus deadlocks from interrupts and GCs. (lp#807475, regression
    since 1.0.48)

Juho Snellman