I didn't make the release, since a test was failing on x86-64 Linux, and I didn't have time to dig into it during the weekend. The failure is in :sleep-many-interrupts, added in e62bb3a4b9633dbd898fca05cc4af3dd0a16e0aa. It's basically checking that code like...

sleep 1.5 seconds
interrupt the sleep with a signal, spend some time in the interrupt handler
sleep returns with eintr
return to sleep

... takes about 1.5 seconds to execute. Actually it's taking a fair bit more. What seems to be happening is that the test is assuming that the remaining time of an interrupted nanosleep() will be the time from the call to the time the call returns. What I'm seeing on Linux is that it's the time from the call to the time the signal handler is called.

a) Is anyone else seeing this failure, and on what platforms?
b) Is this test valid at all? The spec for nanosleep() is of silent on the issue.

Right now I'm inclined to just remove the test, though I guess trying to compute the appropriate delays after interrupts in sb-unix::nanosleep() ourselves would be another option.

Juho Snellman