Windows binaries are up. I'm having trouble generating the webpage because it's trying to do a complete sbcl build and stops when it fails the sb-simple-streams self-test, but the following diff should get the job done:

diff --git a/platform-support-platforms.lisp b/platform-support-platforms.lisp
index 6153ae6..fbaa9e7 100644
--- a/platform-support-platforms.lisp
+++ b/platform-support-platforms.lisp
@@ -48,4 +48,4 @@
 (define-port :x86-64 :openbsd :available "1.0.48" :os-version 49)
 (define-port :powerpc :openbsd :available "1.0.48" :os-version 49)

-(define-port :x86 :windows :in-progress "1.0.49" :file-type "msi")
+(define-port :x86 :windows :in-progress "1.0.50" :file-type "msi")

On Wed, Jul 13, 2011 at 6:23 AM, Jim Wise <> wrote:
Jim Wise <> writes:

> Juho Snellman <> writes:
>> I'm planning on releasing 1.0.50 this weekend. Any reports on
>> regressions (or lack thereof) since the last release will be
>> appreciated.
> Thanks.  I'll test sunos x86 and x86_64, and darwin x86 and x86_64
> between now and then, and build these platforms for release, including
> experimental threaded builds where applicable.

I'm seeing a new (since last week) test failure for Solaris x86-64 --
I'm doing a little more testing, and will be uploading Solaris x86
binaries in a little bit, and then moving on to Darwin.

I'll look further into the x86-64 issue after that.
                               Jim Wise

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