I see the same issue on Linux x64, running on a quad-core amd64 with 4GB of RAM. However, it does not occur very often. 

See also the issue https://bugs.launchpad.net/sbcl/+bug/578391 . Maybe we should mark it confirmed instead of invalid?


2010/9/17 Nikodemus Siivola <nikodemus@random-state.net>
On 17 September 2010 00:54, Josef Wolf <jw@raven.inka.de> wrote:

> I am trying to compile sbcl on opensuse-11.2 running on a dual-core amd64
> box with 8GB of RAM and 20GB of swap.

> Heap exhausted during allocation: 1016590336 bytes available, 1073741840 requested.

This is very curious. Is this repeatable? That is, if you run the test
suite ten times, how many times does this error occur?

In any case, if after adding #+nil in front of

(with-test (:name (:unsynchronized-hash-table))

in tests/threads.impure.lisp nothing else fails. I would not worry:
the test in question is quite an evil one.

That said, heap-exhaustion from it is definitely not expected, and I
would be very interested to hear how reproducible this is, and if
anyone else sees this happening.


 -- Nikodemus

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