Dear Lispers,

I wrote a script to manipulate CSV files today. At the top is the shebang line described at but when run with ./myFaves.lisp I still see compiler output and ASDF requires completing. All I would like to see is the program output. I have tried putting (setf *compile-print* nil) and (setf *compile-verbose* nil) after the shebang line in the source file to no avail. Tobias Rittweiler suggested I ask about it here. I have posted the source (myFaves.lisp) along with the (edited for confidentiality) output I get (out.txt) and the output I would like to get (desired.txt) at Finally, "output.txt" contains the results of running "./myFaves.lisp > out.txt". I'd be happy to write a patch for the section in the Manual if someone would show me the ropes once this is figured out.

Thanks for your time.

Brit Butler