On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 4:21 PM, Richard M Kreuter <kreuter@progn.net> wrote:
Bhaskara Marthi writes:

> debugger invoked on a SIMPLE-ERROR in thread #<THREAD "initial thread"
> {ADF0689}>:
>  Error during processing of --eval option (LOAD
>                                            #P"/home/rosbuild/.hudson/
> jobs/ros-update/workspace/trunk/core/experimental/roslisp_examples/examples/a
> rray-talker.lisp"):
>  bad place for a wild pathname
> Anyone know what could cause this?

What does (describe *default-pathname-defaults*) print?


It prints

gerkey@wgs24:/$ sbcl --eval '(progn (describe *default-pathname-defaults*)
 This is SBCL 1.0.11.debian, an implementation of ANSI Common Lisp.
 More information about SBCL is available at <http://www.sbcl.org/>.

 SBCL is free software, provided as is, with absolutely no warranty.
 It is mostly in the public domain; some portions are provided under
 BSD-style licenses.  See the CREDITS and COPYING files in the
 distribution for more information.
 #P"//" is an instance of class #<STRUCTURE-CLASS PATHNAME>.
 The following slots have :INSTANCE allocation:
 HOST         #<SB-IMPL::UNIX-HOST {9011269}>
 NAME         NIL
 TYPE         NIL

Note, re: the other suggestion about versions, that the version is SBCL 1.0.11.
- Bhaskara