hi everybody.

First of all: I am relatively new to Lisp, so  please be nice to me :D.

I am tinkering with the sbcl networking abilities but I just can't get a stream to work.
I tried to exchange messages between 2 concurrent slime processes.
That's what I tried:

Client:   (defparameter *client* (make-instance 'inet-socket
                                                                   :type :stream
                                                                   :protocol :tcp))
Server:   (defparameter *server* (make-instance 'inet-socket
                                                                   :type :stream
                                                                   :protocol :tcp))
Client:(socket-bind *client* #(192 168 1 42) 33333)
Server:(socket-bind *server* #(192 168 1 42) 44444)
Server:(socket-listen *server* 100)
Client:(socket-connect *client* #(192 168 1 42) 44444)

At this stage I can send data with socket-send and socket-receive. But If I try something like:

Client:(defparameter *stream1 (socket-make-stream *client* :input t :output t))
Server:(defparameter *stream1 (socket-make-stream *server* :input t :output t))

I can't wright something like:
Client:(format *stream*1 "hello, server")
Server:(read *stream2*)  -> "hello, server"

I don't get any error if I try this commands but I don't get a message too.
Can anybody help me in working with streams?

thanks in advance.