Bugfix release for stable 0.11 series

I'm proud to announce the first bugfix release 0.11.1 of the 0.11 series of
the Simple Backup suite.

This release in particular fixes:
* [Fix] LP #587911: Logarithmic purge does not work
* [Fix] LP #622095: catch error when listing directory contents fails
* [Fix]: revamped packaging: use distutils and pysupport
See the changelog on the download page for more information.

Thanks to all who contributed to this release with coding, sending
patches, testing, reporting bugs and translating!

Series 0.11.x finally replaces the old-fashioned Simple Backup 0.10.5
with code that was developed in (Not So) Simple Backup in the meantime.
It adds some very interesting features and is ready for daily

Posted by jploz 2010-08-27