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Some ideas...

  • Egan

    I agree with much of the post. Sayzme is simple, easy to use, quick with quite a few options. In a word it works. I would really like to see it progress, as I have tries some other TTS systems and I have found nothing better for my requirements/taste so far. The reason I would like to see it develop is not just for personal reasons, but at work where I am involved in education and the IT system. Here would be my suggestions:

    * option to use sayzme from the task bar or from a always-on-top floating bar as well in full mode.
    * (from the floating/task bar)options from a menu to:
        * pause/continue
        * clear (reset)
        * toggle copy-to-clipboard on/off
    (To allow the reading from the original text whithout having to change windows to change these options)

    Also it would be interesting if Sayzme could be able to:
    * modify the speech so that it doesn't interpret numbers as 'area codes', etc
    * localise specific words (or script in prenounciations), so that the behavour can be adjusted, e.g. to ignore 'left square bracket'... etc

    Many thanks for your work,