How to use an XPathNavigator style input

  • NucleoN

    I'm looking trough all the classes, but cannot find a Source type that resembles a .NET XPathNavigator.
    I'd like to accomplish the following: Perform an XQuery against an XPathNavigator as the source.

    The reason for this is that I want to run my Query against an object model instead of XML. I could then implement a custom XPathNavigator to accomplish this. This will save me from constructing a complete DOM representation of the object model. Instead I can just get the parts needed for the query as specified by the XPath so it will be more efficient.

    My Java knowledge is limited, so maybe this is already possible? In that case, can anyone point me to the correct class / interface to use?


    • Hi,

      I am going to have to dig deeper into this one and figure out the best route to go with this one.  I have some development in the works to allow this to be done directly but its not done quite yet and currently relies on conversions which it seems you are trying to avoid.

      If you access the weblog for the project I will ping the main feed with updates to the source as I finish them up.