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#60 pushing saxonb to maven central

Dan T. Tran

I would like to gather advice on how to push saxonb to maven central. The sticky point is how to come up with the license section. So any support from this group is greatly appreciated.

Currently base on advice from maven group, I figured out a way to insert all notices to the main saxon.jar and made a request to maven central

however it is reject since I changed the content of the jar. So here are 2 possible solutions:

  1. get this group to blessed the built by me and resubmit ( not sure it will pass )
  2. build up a good pom's license section, and i am quite not sure what to put together



  • Michael Kay
    Michael Kay

    My personal view is that the philosophy of Maven, which is to deliver software silently and automatically without the end user being aware of what they are downloading, is fundamentally at odds with the expressed wishes of people who publish software under BSD-style licenses and ask to be acknowledged as the author. There may be ways around it that would satisfy the courts, but to my mind it's evading the stated desires of the software author, and I don't want to be a party to that.

  • Dan T. Tran
    Dan T. Tran

    is it reasonable to request that the next version of saxonb9 to have saxon.jar to include all notices files under META-INF/notices directory?

  • Dan T. Tran
    Dan T. Tran

    btw this is an awesome piece of work you have done. Without this, DITA-OT have no chance to grow



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