Can anybody tell me how can I get the attributes of the node returned.

I have an xml file which contains node named

 <link:schemaRef xlink:type="simple" xlink:href="bvf-20081231.xsd" />
  <link:schemaRef xlink:href="bvf1111-20081231.xsd" xlink:type="tuple"/>

Now i have written a xQuery which return me both the nodes, code is mentioned below:

XQResultSequence xqs = xqe.executeQuery("for $x in /xbrli:xbrl/link:schemaRef return $x");
            SchemaRef objSchemaRef = new SchemaRef();
            SaxonXQItem item = null;
            while ( {
                item = (SaxonXQItem) xqs.getItem();
                if (item.getSaxonItem() instanceof NodeInfo) {
                    NodeInfo node = (NodeInfo) item.getSaxonItem();

How can I get the attributes of the node, even I want to fetch the line numbers also.