Thank you everyone for your responses.

I have also possed the same question on the Cocoon users list but as I have different e-mail addresses for the two list cross-posting has to be done manually.

As it seems there is no obvious change that may have contributed to the afore mentioned behaviour I will package-up an example Cocoon webapp with log message etc. and pass this over to the Cocoon list.

Thanks again for the input.


Philip Fennell

On 09/05/06, Michael Kay < > wrote:
> and run it once with Saxon 8.6 and once with Saxon 8.7.1.. .
> If the two documents resulting are the same, then file a bug
> on the Cocoon users mailing list (it's not a Saxon problem),
> otherwise, it's a problem with Saxon doing something weird in
> the XSLT translation (but I don't think so, seriously).

This problem (unless it's some crazy user error) is almost certainly an
interaction problem, relating to the way in which Cocoon is calling Saxon.
Generally in such cases I think it works best to create clear reproducible
evidence of the problem, and then raise the bug with the "calling"
application - Cocoon - who can then raise a bug report on the "called"
application if appropriate.

Michael Kay

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Philip Fennell