Philip Fearon from Saxonica will give a presentation on "Interactive XML Visualization using XSLT 2.0 on the Browser".


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·        19th of September 2012, Regardz Planetarium, Amsterdam

·        Keynotes by MarkLogic and BBC

·        Speakers from 28msec, Agarri, EMC, Ontotext, Saxonica, SXML, and University of West London

·        One day, two tracks, Big XML as theme

·        Pre-conference MarkLogic Tutorial

·        Meetups in Inspiration rooms


The conference is meant for developers, markup geeks, information managers, and anyone else with interest in XML. This year's theme is Big XML, with a focus on big data, semantic searching, processing large volumes, high speed, large variety, open linked data, nosql, and affiliated topics.


The program comprises one day, two tracks of expert talks, room for sponsor demo's, and ample opportunity to meet and greet with follow enthusiasts in our Inspiration rooms. There is also a pre-conference MarkLogic Tutorial, with free entry for students and conference visitors.


Contact and registration details can be found at


MarkLogic is Gold Sponsor of XML Amsterdam 2012.


XML Amsterdam is a sister event of XML Prague.




Please welcome the following speakers at XML Amsterdam 2012:


·        BBC Dynamic Semantic Publishing for Sport and the London Olympics 2012” - Jem Rayfield (BBC) – sponsored by Dayon, a MarkLogic partner


·        "Scalable XQuery Processing with Zorba on top of MongoDB" - William Candillon (28msec)

·        "Security implications of XML processing" - Nicolas Grégoire (Agarri)

·        "Searching Large XML Databases using Lucene" - Petr Pleshachkov (EMC)

·        “Applying Semantic Technologies on Big Data” – Mariana Damova (Ontotext)

·        "Interactive XML Visualization using XSLT 2.0 on the Browser" - Philip Fearon (Saxonica)

·        "'Parsing Time' - the next step in XML management" - Laura Cavanagh (SXML)

·        "Big data small pipes" - John Moore (University of West London)


Preliminary program, bios, and abstracts can be found on the website.




Pre-conference event:


MarkLogic is organizing a Pre-conference Tutorial. It takes place at the University of Amsterdam. It will cover a crash course in searching using XQuery for XQuery newbies. Conference visitors and students are welcome for free. Add it at registration, or send a note to


Inspiration rooms:


XML Amsterdam is providing room for visitors to discuss, demo, talk, or meetup with fellow visitors during breaks in the program. Please send reservation requests to




XML Amsterdam 2012