I am pretty new at this.
I downloaded the saxon free version.
I'm running on Windows XP
after some study I found I could use this one line .bat file to access a collection and run a simple query:

"C:\Program Files\Java50\bin\java" -cp saxon9.jar net.sf.saxon.Query -t -q:Collectiontest.xq

Collectiontest.xq looks like this:


I would like to use the GUI on collections.
I activate the gui with this 2 line bat file:

cd C:\Downloads\Utilities\XQuery\unzipped\dist
"c:\program files\java50\bin\java" -jar "xQuery.jar"

And get a nice gui.
But I can't get it to run against collections.

Here is the file I attempt to submit as an .xq file:


I get this error in the output window:

; SystemID: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\saxon\recipe\recipe01.xqy; Line#: 1; Column#: -1
Invalid URI {file:///c:/Downloads/Utilities...} passed to collection() function

there is no xml file as they are all referenced in the .xq file.
I tried this also with no luck (the same error):


I'm sure I must be overlooking something painfully obvious. Can someone help me get the collection function working with the GUI?