Thanks for checking, but I'm afraid I've wasted your time, for which I can only apologise. On closer inspection, it transpires that it's a classpath thing - turns out we've got a fairly wide selection of Saxon jars from v8 onwards dotted around the code base, and Ant is evidently finding one of these, rather than the jar that I thought I was pointing it at. So the bug is squarely in me - sorry!

From:        Michael Kay <>
Date:        18/06/2012 16:53
Subject:        Re: [saxon] FeatureKeys in Ant

I've checked, and this is working for me.

There's a history of Ant bugs in this area. Which version are you using? I'm using Ant 1.8.2 on OS X. On the other hand, if other properties are working OK and this one isn't, that doesn't seem a likely Ant bug. Can you supply a complete repro?

(Actually I only tested it to the extent of getting the error from Saxon when specifying a named template that doesn't exist. But that seems a good enough test).

Michael Kay

On 18/06/2012 14:32, Tom Cleghorn wrote:

<attribute name="" value="MakeDql"/>------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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