There are various possibilities. It might not be evaluated at all, if the value isn't needed. It might be evaluated out of sequence (lazily).
For global variables, Saxon now preevaluates the variables before doing anything else when tracing is switched on, simply because without that, the tracing was becoming incomprehensible. But this isn't done for local variables.
Also, there are more events notified to the TraceListener than the StandardTraceListener reports. If you write your own TraceListener, you can act on the additional events.
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Sent: 03 February 2005 13:36
Subject: [saxon] no TraceListener event on xsl:variable


If I have a xsl:variable, that gets some information from the source document e.g. with /data/value I do not get a Trace event for this. Is there a trick to get this one, too!?
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