You need to allocate more space on the Java heap using the –Xmx and/or –Xms options on the Java command line. The amount of RAM on your machine is irrelevant unless you allow Java to use it.


Michael Kay


From: [] On Behalf Of Graeme St.Clair
Sent: 12 March 2004 02:38
Subject: [saxon] -TP option and OutOfMemoryError


Not a show-stopper to me, since I was merely curious (I used to *love* the STROBE product in S/390!), but possibly something to look into.


In Saxon 7.9, I'm transforming about 0.5Mb raw XML (describing about 2300 individual music recordings) with a style-sheet of 2 moderately complicated (to me, at any rate!) for-each's, one to create href's into a sorted list, the second to create the list itself.  I got about 20Mb of 'profile.xml', and am getting java.lang.OutOfMemoryError even in 512Mb of RAM (Windows XP), trying to apply 'timing-profile.xsl'.  I tried it straight after a fresh re-boot, and it still happens.