Thank you, we will change the stylesheet, and I will follow the bug for other news.  I did convert the code to s9api anyway, which seems to workaround the Issue.


On Apr 23, 2013 11:16 AM, "O'Neil Delpratt" <> wrote:

Hi Peter,

Just to let you know we are currently investigating the problem you found, which is indeed a bug in Saxon 9.5.

Incidentally what led to this error is in the code snippet below from your stylesheet you pass empty sequence for the last 2 arguments of format-dateTime:

'<xsl:value-of select="format-dateTime(xs:dateTime(atom:updated), '[MNn] [D], [Y]', $lang, (), ())"/>'

I have now committed a fix in the area of format-dateTime. You could avoid this by using the 2 argument version of format-dateTime.

I am on the trail of another bug which is causing a crash in your stylesheet.

You can keep track of the bug issue at:

Kind regards,

On 21/04/13 15:52, Rushforth, Peter wrote:

> > Hi Michael, > >> Thanks for reporting it. > > You're welcome. It occurs in 9.5 too. > >> I've ...

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