I have an XSL stylesheet that processes many source documents one at a time. Each source document is related to a separate lookup document.

These lookup documents are referenced many times, so I have used a key to speed up the performance.

Unfortunately, I don't know how ask the processor to flush the memory associated with the indexed lookup table after I am through using it.

I tried key('keyname', 'keyvalue', saxon:discard-document('lookup.xml')), but that appeared to defeat the purpose of creating the key in the first place. The performance was highly degraded, and I can only assume the problem is that the processor immediately flushes the memory after the command.

I also tried putting a <xsl:value-of select="saxon:discard-document(document('look-up.xml'))/a" /> at the end of each process loop (there is no "/a" node in lookup.xml), hoping that it would let the processor know that I no longer cared about look-up.xml. That trick has worked in the past (e.g., when I needed to use "doc-available" and then had to make sure afterward that the document was flushed from memory.



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