how can I bind multiple value to a variable ?

Suppose, I am declaring an external variable v1 and want to pass list / array of value (10,20,30) how can I achieve this ?

Example :

 int v1 = 5;
             SaxonXQExpression xqeTemp = (SaxonXQExpression)XQueryConnection.getConnection().createExpression();
             xqeTemp.bindObject(new QName("v1"), Integer.parseInt(v1),null);

             XQResultSequence xqsTemp =  xqeTemp.executeQuery("declare variable $v1 external; \n" +   
                                                                 "return $v1 + 5");
             System.out.println(" Result : "+xqsTemp.getSequenceAsString(null));

Here, in above example I bind variable v1 with the value 5 and do some operation in query. Now instead of single value I wants to bind multiple value with variable v1. So, how can I do this ?

please guide me.

Thanks and Regards,
Kunal Chauhan