I wants to bind function result to XQuery.
For Example there are some function call from the query, but I want to run those function in Java and whatever result comes as an
output, need to bind with Query as an output of that function.

I already gone through Function Extension, user-defiend function, From which you can call compiled querie's function from java.

Here I am mentioning an example which can help me to explain the scenario well.

Query :

    doSomething() eq node/@id

What I want is, this doSomething() I execute in java. this method is not available in query. I write it in java only. based on
method name it will execute it and whatever output comes, bind it to with query for further process.

is this possible?
can I bind value to the method, like we bind value to the external variable ?

Thanks and Regards,

Kunal Chauhan