Why are you using such an old release?

The most likely cause of the trouble is that the XML parser is fetching DTDs or similar files from the W3C server. In the last couple of years W3C has started to discourage this practice by artifically delaying the response from the server; Saxon has responded by including local copies of the files within the JAR. But to take advantage of this you will need a recent release.

Incidentally, you might like to try Saxon/C as a better way of invoking Saxon from PHP.

Michael Kay

On 23 May 2014, at 16:31, Christian Schwaderer <c_schwaderer@hotmail.com> wrote:

Dear all,

I have a performance problem with Saxon.

My XML project was designed like this: All data is stored in one XML file. On a webserver a user can select or search items. The user's input is transformed with PHP into an XPath expression. From the PHP command line ("system"-function) Saxon is called giving the XPath expression as a parameter.

I've tested the xslt transformation in Oxygen with Saxon 9.5 PE and it worked well.

Now the server was set up and Saxon takes fare more time than is by any means acceptable. 
For example: Called via Oxygen Saxon 9.5 PE took about 2 seconds to transform all data. The source xml file is 1,23 MB large. (As the server admins told me, they had problems with Saxon 9, so they installed Saxon-B 8.?? instead.)

And Saxon-B 8 takes for the same xslt transformation called from the command line about 5 minutes.

For some reasons, Java Bridge can't be installed here, so I have to stick to the command line.

Would buying and installing Saxon 9.5 PE on the server help significantly? Or does anyone know another solution or some advice?

I'm kind of desperate right now, because this project depends on Saxon working well on the server.

Thank you all and have a nice week end!

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