None of that will have any effect on the classpath. Don’t use the –jar option with Saxon; it’s Java, not Saxon, that will not bother to load any of your additional JARs. Saxon doesn’t load your JARs in any case, so putting them in the Saxon directory accomplishes nothing.


What you want is something like (let’s assume you’re writing a DOS batch file):

set SAXON_HOME=C:\Documents and Settings\tnassar\Desktop\saxonb9-1-0-1j

set SAXON_JAR=%SAXON_HOME%\saxon9.jar


REM I assume your collation JAR is in the current directory.


java -cp "%SAXON_JAR%;CzechCollation.jar" net.sf.saxon.Transform –xsl:myXslt.xslt -s:input.xml


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Hello Michael,

Thanks for your answer. I did the following:

I changed the stylesheet to reflect some suggestions you made elsewhere:

<xsl:param name=" sorting-collation" select="''" />

<xsl:sort select="Author" collation="{$sorting-collation}"/>

I moved the CzechCollation.jar, the xml input file and the xsl stylesheet all to my saxon directory and ran on the command line