In W3C spec terms, the namespaces are part of the static context for the XPath expression. In the Saxon API, this means they must be predeclared using declareNamespace() on the XPathCompiler object (which is Saxon's implementation of the static context). There's no direct way in this API of extracting the namespaces from the source document and making them part of the static context for the XPath expression, though you can do it of course using a separate query using in-scope-prefixes() and namespace-uri-for-prefix().
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Subject: [saxon] Loading Namespaces into a Document


                I have the following .Net code


            XdmNode definitionsDoc = _processor.NewDocumentBuilder().Build(new Uri(@"Definitions.xml"));

            XPathSelector xpath = _processor.NewXPathCompiler().Compile("/definitions/p:def").Load();

            xpath.ContextItem = definitionsDoc;

            XdmValue nodes = xpath.Evaluate();


But I get an exception because the ‘p’ namespace isn’t defined, why isn’t it picked up by the document? Is there away to make Saxon do this?


I get the same problem with System.Xml.XmlDocument so I’m not sure if this is an underlying problem?







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