I used SAXON8 in one of my projects to transform big XML sources into text files.  The problem that I am facing is that whenever I have a very large file, I have to increase the JVM heap size (java -Xmx512m, -Xmx1024m, etc.), othersie, I get the OutOfMemoryException.  I am afraid the size of the source XML will increase more.  So, I started to do some research to find a remedy of this problem.  And I found that SAXON8SA might have a remedy through "Serial processing of large documents".  But I am not sure how I can take advantage of that through Java API or even from the command line.  I tried the following:
java -cp lib\saxon8sa.jar net.sf.saxon.Transform -dt -it main -o output <XML file> <XSLT file>
But I get the usage.  It doesn't like the -it main option.
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.