I have been usign one of the latest version of saxon, to develop or XSLT v2 stylesheets. I have a licence for saxon-pe and enterprise versions that came with my xml editor (oXygen). The editor that the technical writers are using (XMetal) is usign Saxon, the open source version, and I am usign the .NET API for my generation program.
I recently started usign saxon:evaluate() and had no problems in oXygen or in XMetal, but I get a syntax error when I try to process
my stylesheet with the .NET api.
I read there (http://saxonica.com/feature-matrix.html) that saxon extension functions are only supported from the professional edition, but if it is the case, why have I been able to use them using the open source version of saxon (in XMetal) ?
Thanks a lot for your help 
Vincent Lambert
Matrox Electronic Systems
XML Programmer