Hi Eric,

Thanks for you kind feedback regarding Saxon 9.5. We are currently looking into your comment and questions posed. We will provide a response shortly.

In regards to Question 3, the JavaDoc in the doc folder seems incomplete. We will correct this ASAP.

Kind regards,

On 07/06/13 12:35, Eric Lilja wrote:
Hi! Thank you so much for releasing version 9.5, it's always exciting 
when a new version of Saxon comes out! I have a few questions/comments. 
By the way, I am using the professional version of Saxon.

Comment 1: In the changelog part of the documentation page at 
http://saxonica.com/documentation/index.html#!changes, it would nice if 
there was a category 'all', which would list all the changes in a single 
page for easy reading (with headers taken from the categories). Also, 
changelogs for maintenance releases don't seem to be present in the page 
mentioned above, where can they be found? Maybe I missed them, but it 
would also be nice with announcement emails to this list with changelogs 
for maintenance releases to this list. I believe I only saw sporadic 
such messages.

Question 1: I noticed that when I tried to compile one of my programs 
which use Saxon with the new 9.5 version, it didn't build anymore 
because of changes made to the definition net.sf.saxon.om.Item (relating 
to generics). I want to stress that I have no problem with those changes 
in themselves, but I think I missed it in the changelog. Maybe it wasn't 
documented or I didn't read carefully enough.

Question 2: Looking at the same of my code mentioned in the first 
question, I see that I am using the s9api for XQuery and 
net.sf.saxon.om-classes for XPath. Is s9api  the recommend api for 
XQuery? I believe I saw on this list once it is recommended api to use. 
What about XPath, is the net.sf.saxon.om-classes what I should be using 
or something else?

Question 3: The saxon-resources-9.5zip file is a lot smaller than the 
resources file for release 9.4 (down to 5.8 MB from 13.6 MB according to 
the download page).  I noticed that the directory 'doc/javadoc' is 
missing  a lot of things. I was always extracting the doc/javadoc folder 
to a separate .zip-file and used it in Eclipse as javadoc for the saxon  
jar file. However, now a lot of documentation is missing, for example 
for the APIs and classes mentioned under question 2. Will the resources 
file be updated to correct this or should I be getting the complete 
javadoc (as a zip file) somewhere else?

Thanks for your time, and thanks again for a great product!

Best regards,
Eric L

PS. I tried posting this yesterday but it seems to have gone lost, 
hopefully that version doesn't appear because it will be the same 
material so to speak, only phrased little differently (I don't have a 
copy of the sent message to re-send).

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