On 3/1/2013 4:38 AM, O'Neil Delpratt wrote:
Hi Michael,

On 01/03/13 03:11, Michael Sokolov wrote:
I'm curious what your policy is regarding the HE version kept on maven repositories.  That's my preferred means of keeping up with releases, but the release I see there (http://mvnrepository.com/artifact/net.sf.saxon/Saxon-HE/9.4)  is labeled simply "9.4".  Is there any chance you would consider distributing point versions via Maven?

Oh, thanks for the reminder. For a long time now in the POM file the label number has been 9.4. I soon realized, after a few deployments of the maintenance releases on sonatype.org, that the subsequent releases were not being pushed to the central maven repository.

In the POM file we should be representing the version at the granularity of the maintenance version numbering (i.e. 9.4.0.X). I will fix this.
Yes - maven has the policy that revisions without the magic suffix "-SNAPSHOT" are stable and essentially can't be updated.  Thanks O'Neill!