You need to supply your own ErrorHandler to the XML parser. This means you will need to create the XML parser (class XMLReader) yourself, which you can then include in a SAXSource that is supplied as the input to your transformation.

Michael Kay

On 05/08/2011 15:16, Kunal Chauhan wrote:
I am using saxon9he as an XML Processor.
Whenever I try to parse an Invalid XML file at that time, On console I am able to get line number and column number where an error exist within document.
But I want to catch that exception and want to print line number and column number where an error exist.
for example,
On console it gives following output

Error on line 3 column 7

SXXP0003: Error reported by XML parser: Element type "aba" must be followed by either

attribute specifications, ">" or "/>".


I want this line and column number to show proper error message.

How can I achieve this ?

Kunal Chauhan

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