On 04/03/2011 18:01, Toshihiko Makita wrote:


Many thanks for reporting this. I have reproduced and identified the problem and have a fix ready to test.

I think the problem will affect any xsl:iterate instruction that is enclosed within an xsl:for-each. As a workaround until the patch is available, I wonder if you could try replacing the xsl:for-each with an xsl:apply-templates?

It's great to see this new feature receiving some real-life exposure.

Michael Kay

Dear Michael Kay,

I am testing XSLT3.0 functionality by using Saxon PE 9.3. When I
rewriting XSLT 1.0 stylesheet to use xsl:iterate, I encountered
java.lang.ClassCastException and cannot proceed any more. I attached
related files in this mail. But the stylesheet will be incomplete. If
you have any advice to avoid this error, please teach me.


Toshihiko Makita

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