Yes, if you're using the JAXP interface then the URIResolver registered with the TransformerFactory is used to resolve imports and includes; if you are using the s9api interface, then XsltCompiler.setURIResolver() achieves the same purpose.

Michael Kay

On 24/09/2010 7:38 PM, Meeraj Kunnumpurath wrote:

I am working on a transformation application written in Java deployed as a JEE application. The transformation for incoming XML data are selected dynamically based on a number of contextual parameters. To enable amendments to the stylesheets without needing a redeployment of the application, we store all the stylesheets in a relational database. The stylesheets share a number of reusable elements, which we would like to maintain as separate stylesheets again maintained in the database, which are imported into the primary stylesheets. Does the Saxon API have some kind of URI Resolver interface I can register, so that the imported stylesheets can be resolved from the database?

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