On 04/06/2010 22:49, Bob Ducharme wrote:

A stylesheet is putting extraneous xmlns="" settings (extraneous because the element name is qualified) when run with 9.2 PE, and this didn't happen with the same stylesheet and input with 9.0 Saxon B. Has anyone else seen this? Has it been identified as a bug?




My guess is that this change is caused by Saxon implementing Erratum XT.E37, which solves bug 5857:


However, I would need to see the details to confirm this; and it's always possible that the fix had unintended side-effects.

Note that xmlns="", like any other namespace declaration or undeclaration, can significantly affect the meaning of QNames in content; since the processor doesn't know when QNames are being used in content, it has to assume that they are. The use case in the bug report comes from real life, not from a synthetic test case.

Michael Kay