I'm always a bit loathe to deal with commercial matters on the SourceForge mailing list, as SourceForge is a community resource for open source projects, but here goes....

The licensing model for commercial versions of Saxon is that you need one license key for each machine on which Saxon is installed or executed, regardless whether that is a server or a development workstation. If developers run the application on their local machine they therefore need to acquire their own license key.

The actual licensing mechanisms are fairly low-tech. This is a deliberate decision because we don't want licensing technology to become a distraction, though for people trying to manage licenses as part of enterprise-wide system management it can be a bit tricky to handle.

Michael Kay

On 22 May 2014, at 21:03, Bhoj Raj Joshi <bjoshi@sapient.com> wrote:

Iím developing a java application which needs to be deployed in one of the application server e.g. Tomcat or TC Server, how can I get the server license if thatís different than the desktop based license.
As I happened to know that there is no Maven dependency available for EE, how can my developers run the application on each of their local machine. And once the application is deployed to the server should the application be bundled with the license that is on any of the developerís machine or anything else?
Please help.
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