"To got"

Nice... I see a question that I think I can actually help with and I make myself look like an idiot...


John McGowan wrote:
To got Saxon to work in my 1.5 setup I simply needed to add the Saxon 
jars to the jre's "lib/endorsed" dir.

This directory did not exist as part of the default install...


Gregg Williams wrote:
Hi: I have a working Java v1.5 project that I want to use XSLT 2.0  
for; this project uses JAXB and JAXP (part of JWSDP--I'm using  
version 1.5). I tried to insert Saxon 8 by adding its jar files into  
my project's classpath (see partial Ant build file, below), but that  
didn't seem to work. Also JAXP has an endorsed folder that contains  
jar files, and I'm wondering if I need to remove some of these.

I've looked on the archives for installation hints, but nothing seems  
to apply. Thanks for any suggestions you might have.


--- begin Ant file excerpt

	<property name="jwsdp.home" value="../../../jwsdp-1.5"/>
	<property name="saxon.home" value="../../../saxonsa8-7-3j"/>
	<path id="classpath">
		<pathelement path="source"/>
		<pathelement path="classes"/>
<!--		<fileset dir="${saxon.home}" includes="*.jar"/>-->
		<fileset dir="${jwsdp.home}" includes="jaxb/lib/*.jar"/>
		<fileset dir="${jwsdp.home}" includes="jwsdp-shared/lib/*.jar"/>
		<fileset dir="${jwsdp.home}" includes="jaxp/lib/**/*.jar"/>

--- end Ant file excerpt

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